How to get VPython

We have several tools for VPython but the first place to start is to download all the pieces you need to make programs!

Downloading VPython

VPython is actually a combination of the python programming language and the Visual module. Python provides the programming language, and Visual provides the fancy graphics. We also use the internally developed and supported PhysUtil module which makes graphs, motion maps, and axes easier to create.


Start by downloading python

If you use Chrome you will see something like this at the bottom of your browser:

Click this to open it and you will see this window. Click run:

You should see the python installer, click next:

There shouldn't be any reason to install python in a directory other than the default one. So click next:

You shouldn't have to customize the python install either so click next again to install. When python is done installing you should see a window like this:

Congratulations! Python has installed successfully. Click finish and move on to installing the Visual Module.


Now that you have installed python, you can install the Visual module. The first thing to do is Download the Visual installer. If you use Chrome you will see something like this at the bottom of your browser:

Click the download to open it. If you get a warning message click “run” (like when installing python). You should see this window:

Click “Next”. A window will open asking you which components you wish to install.

You want to install all of the components, so click “Next”. If you want to have a desktop icon just click “Next”:

Now all that is left is to click Install!

If everything happens successfully you should see the following window:

Click “Finish”, you have completed installing the Visual module.

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